It’s all about the drivers!

With upcoming season 2 of the EGT4M we have a few changes which we had discussed over the past weeks. Beside rock solid regulations and a well tested BoP (Balance of Power) we want to have the drivers more in focus for the next season.

Therefore we plan to have interviews with randomly chosen drivers, we will have a dedicated page with all driver profiles and links to their teams and/or Youtube-Channels and as the first ever virtual racing league we will have “Fan-Boost”.

The Fan-Boost will give the driver an opportunity to interact with his and our community and the community will choose which driver should get a two percent plus power for the upcoming sprint race.
The voting will be open till 24hrs before the next raceday so every driver does have enough time to gather some votes for himself.

With this feature we want to involve our community and also our drivers instead of only hosting a lobby and put results to an odd website. We are pretty sure this feature will do great across the season 2 and we can’t wait for the first drivers to win the Fan-Boost votings!

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