PreQualifying in a nutshell

With this season we start with two separated leagues, League A and League B. To find the best fitting league for every driver we are going to host a prequalifying. This will allow us to split the total grid into the two separated leagues.

How does it work? Its fairly simple as we only have two drivers on the track at the same time. The two drivers will have 10 minutes for qualifying followed by a 8 laps race. The average lap time of the best 4 laps between lap 2 and lap 8 will be the drivers pre-qualification result.

Lobby-Settings will be exact the same like for the whole season. PreQualifying track will be Red Bull Ring (Ingame 15:15) and both drivers have to drive the Alfa Romeo 4C GT4 with medium tires, BoP: on and setup: fixed.

For more information and current results check our PreQualifying page (click)