EGT4M Round 1 Race Report League A

League A Sainte Croix Race Report written by mark_van_haze

Sprint Race Report League A

The race is on! IPsykoZz starting from pole could not get away from the line quickly enough and it was VP_Marcolah who quickly positioned himself in first place followed by Rotec1984, all before getting into turn one. By the time all passed turn one IPsykoZz dropped another place to 4th, right behind VP_Cobra696. Unfortunately turn 1 also saw some collisions, with MBR_CastorTroy being hit by AP-Meister as well as Manu2011 being pushed off the track by a late brake from TNR_FILO. With everybody else close behind, the field at this point was very packed right up until passing the bridge. VP_Cobra696 managed to battle it out with Rotec1984 and positioned himself in 2nd by the end of lap 1.

By lap 2 IPsykoZz managed to claw back another position and passed Rotec1984 with most of the field close behind except for CrazyJohnIsHere who had a frontal crash and had to pit to fix the damage.

Meanwhile Magicworld66 who won the fanboost, held 5th with only a half second behind Rotec1984 and with TNR_FILO and Kyd_Stig trading positions 6 and 7 respectively. Beofre the end of lap 2 IPsykoZz managed to grab another spot and overtook VP_Cobra696, leaving him in 3rd position.

By now VP_Marcolah extended his lead by 2.5 seconds giving him a clean break from the field while IPsykoZz managed to run very wide after turn 1 and although he managed to hold the very slippery Viper on the grass, ended up losing his 2nd position to VP_Cobra696 again. But it was not going to last as right after the bridge, the Viper managed to take the inside line and passed VP_Cobra696 again. But at the same turn, MagicWorld66 was very close on VP_Cobra696, possibly braking a bit late because VP_Cobra696 made slight contact with the wall which forced him to make slight contact with the rear of VP_Cobra696 but then rather than damaging VP_Cobra696, turned into the left barrier, making very hard contact and leaving him with massive damage, practically ending his race.

Meanwhile the battle for 5th is on between Kid-Stig and Manu2011, passing the Ferrari, leaving him in 6th. By lap 5 Kid_Stig was flying to get into 4th with 1 seconds lead over AP-Meister on 5th.

Tire wear was starting to show by now and just before the finish line Rotec1984 passed IPsykoZz, placing himself into 2nd position. By lap 7 the gap grew to 1 second, showing the problems the Viper has with worn tires.

The final result of the sprint race saw VP_Marcolah winning comfortably with Rotec1984 second and IPsykoZz on third.

Main Race Report

Starting with a great formation lap and all drivers on medium tires, the main race was set to become a fierce battle. MagicWorld66 started from pole with MBR_CastorTroy in second followed by Manu2011, Turismo-Litchi, Ap-Meister on 5th, VP_Cobra696, IPsykoZz and kyd_Stig on 8th. With such a strong field the first turn immediately saw cars running out of space with MBR_CastorTroy being hit by AP-Meister as well as Manu2011 being pushed off the track by a late brake from TNR_FILO. Through all this IPsykoZz managed to push through and grab the second spot, followed by VP_Cobra696 and Kyd_Stig on 4th.

By lap 3 IPsykoZz managed to use a great entry to the bridge and catch up with the BMW of MagicWorld66, slipping past into first position. This pass also opened the door for VP_Cobra696 who followed into 2nd position, leaving MagicWorld66 in 3rd. The pack was very close though, so we saw more position swaps before getting to the middle of the second lap, with Kyd_Stig driving a very good race and managing to get up to 3rd and eventually even to 2nd position.

Lap 5 saw MagicWorld66 pitting as his thirsty BMW was running out of fuel, with VP_Cobra696, MBR_CastorTroy and TNR_FILO following in behind. The other cars managed to squeeze out another lap by short shifting. Lap 5 also saw a hard crash near the bridge entry by AP-Meister leaving him with engine damage and practically ending his chances on a good finishing position.

As the cars turn into lap 6 we see the leaders all coming in to pit with IPsykoZz and kyd_Stig rolling in with completely depleted tanks. Here we saw various strategies as not all went for a complete tank and tire changes.

This pit stop shifted the positions around with VP_Marcolah leading the way, MagicWorld66 in 2nd and IPsykoZz now in 3rd. TNR_FILO on 4th was looking good but was showing more and more problems with his internet connection showing quite large lag jumps.

By lap 10 we were seeing no changes in the top 4 but a large split of 5 seconds opening up between IPsykoZz and TNR_FILO, splitting away the top 4 from the rest of the field. While IPsykoZz was keeping a steady distance to MagicWorld66, he was nursing his hard tires and with the mediums from the cars ahead degrading quickly, was now slowly gaining on the leading two cars.

Lap 11 sees MagicWorld66 in the pits getting fuel and fresh tires while VP_Marcolah was not ready yet and squeezed another lap out of his very used mediums, with IPsykoZz pressuring hard to grab the pole.

Once again, the field was shuffled up changing the order for Rotec1984 into 4th and after VP_Marcolahs pitstop even 2nd. This put IPsykoZz into first with a solid 12 second lead but at least one more pit stop ahead of him.

By lap 14 CrazyJohnIsHere managed to spool down most of his 3 second penalty and get into 4th position, with Rotec1984 on 3rd and VP_Marcolah trailing behind the leading IPsykoZz. TNR_FILO was still lagging but with a couple of seconds in front and behind, had a big cushion as to not affect the other cars in any way.

Lap 14 we saw a change at the front with IPsykoZz pitting to swap to medium tires and fill the tank, letting VP_Marcolah grab the first position and pulling very fast laps.

The second pack behind the leading 4 was spearheaded by MagicWorld66s BMW with Kyd_Stig trailing him by a second and Rotec1984 on 7th.

By lap 16 the lagging TNR_FILO was attacking CrazyJohnIsHere in order to put himself into 3rd position but with a 1.7 second penalty he would still have a long way to go and had to pit before he could get passed the mad Greek.

Lap 17 still showed a solid 12 second lead for IPsykoZz and while CrazyJohnIsHere was in 2nd, he still had to pit one more time which meant the road to 2nd was opened up to VP_Marcolah.

In lap 18 we saw a close fight for the podium between Rotec1984 on 3rd, followed by TNR_FILO and the mad Greek. TNR_FILO then used the long bridge straight in the slipstream to spool down his penalty without opening the gap to Rotec1984, making it possible for him to attempt a pass. But it was not meant to be and TNR_FILOs internet connection finally gave up and dropped him out of the lobby.

5 minutes left in the race leaves IPsykoZz on first, followed by VP_Marcolah and Rotec1984 on 3rd. CrazyJohnIsHere was not going to let his podium slip between his fingers and managed to squeeze past Rotec1984, putting him into 3rd.

As we enter the last lap, VP_Marcolah managed to reduce the gap to the leader down to 3.8 seconds but it was not enough to dethrone IPsykoZz who wins the race with VP_Marcolah in 2nd, CrazyJohnIsHere in 3rd, Rotec1984 in 4th, MagicWorld66 in 5th, followed by Kyd_Stig, Spalsh_DD and MBR_CastorTroy in 8th.

Here some Photo expressions from Round 1 League A: