EGT4M Round 1 Race Report League B

League B Sainte Croix Race Report – written by mark_van_haze

Sprint Race Report League B

After an exciting Super Pole we started the Sprint with Kalam719 in pole, followed by deruige, The-Nameless-01, Simba2009Lora on 4th, MelE1 on 5th, mark_van_haze on 6th, xRabauke87 on 7th and Grisu160583 on 8th, LuckyLuciano31 on 9th, AKMakko47 on 10th, Dkayyy187 on 11th and manuel5025 on last. The start was a clean affair, no contacts anywhere and the front line up stayed mostly unchanged except for a fight between Nameless and deruige resulting in a place swap.

As the drivers fly over the bridge, LuckyLuciano got bumped and ended up with rear damage. As the drivers enter lap 2, deruige managed to get into first position leaving kalam and SimbaLora holding 2nd and 3rd respectively. Once over the bridge, there is a solid pack of 4 cars fighting for the lead, leaving AKMakko behind with serious frontal damage.  By lap 3 deruige extended his lead over kalam719 by 3.2 seconds, with SimbaLora on 3rd, trailing by 1.6 seconds. This lap was also when the cars were starting to run low on fuel as unfortunately the race was accidentally setup with the main race fuel settings.

While nearly all drivers came in for a pitstop, MelE1 stayed out and tried to push for another lap. The field behind got a shuffle with kalam on 2nd, deruige on 3rd, SimbaLora on 4th followed by Grisu on 5th. However Mel was driving with frontal damage and short shifting /lower fuel mapping meant that Mel was not able to make the best out of his pitstop strategy. By lap 4 we had kalam in first with almost 3.4 seconds lead time followed by deruige and SimbaLora. But deruige still had damage on his car and the gap between SimbaLora got smaller and smaller. After the bridge kalam cleared the field by almost 5 seconds while SimbaLora manages to pass the damaged deruige to take the 2nd position. As they enter lap 7 Grisu manages to pass deruige, putting Grisu on a podium spot. The race finished with kalam719 on 1st, Simba2009Lora on 2nd, Grisu160583 on 3rd, deruige on 4th followed by The-Nameless-01, mark_van_haze on 6th, manuel5025 on 7th, Mel on 8th, Dkayyy187 on 9th and AKMakko47 on 10th and last.

Main Race Report

After a not so successful formation lap we start the race with the first corner seeing a tightly packed field where manuel manages to take the outside, driving right on the limit and passing the front group putting him in the lead as the field enters the bridge.  Behind we saw Dkayyy187 followed by mark_van_haze and AKMakko47 in 4th.  But as the field passes into the long straight we saw a collision leaving deruige in last position.

Lap 3 sees a close fight for the 4th, 5th and 6th places with some very clean overtaking from kalam719, putting him into 4th. Fuel was starting to run out and as the race entered into the 4th lap, kalam and AKMakko do their pitstop, followed by LuckyLuciano. On the bridge exit Dkayyy managed to pass very nicely on the outside putting him into the lead. The gap from manuel and mark_van_haze stayed very small and as the leading three enter the pits,  SimbaLora passes into the lead followed by DKkayyy who fueled up only 75%, followed by manuel with similar levels, and 4th mark_van_haze filled up completely.

By lap 6 SimbaLora has to fill up, shuffling the the front with Dkayyy on first followed by manuel who after a mistake by Dkayyy dropped into 3rd. This left mark_van_haze in second following manuel by 2.4 seconds. However mark_van_haze did not change his tires and was struggling to keep up with manuel who was on fresh tires. On 4th we saw kalam who still had a good chance to catch up to the leading pack of 3, trailing with 2 seconds while the next pack behind him was 8 seconds down, with SimbaLora leading that group.

Entering lap 8 nothing changes in the leading pack but there was a close fight between deruige and LuckyLuciano. As these two enter the bridge, deruige brakes too late and punts LuckyLuciano hard, leaving him at the entry of the bridge with massive frontal and motor damage. LuckyLuciano meanwhile had some rear damage but managed to hold his distance to MelE1 who was in 6th.

Entering lap 10 manuel enters the pits, fixing some frontal damage, changing tires and fueling up. This puts mark_van_haze for the first time in the lead with Dkayyy trailing closely.  But as they enter the bridge, Dkayyy spins out, leaving mark_van_haze with a comfortable time cushion in the lead.

As the 11th lap begins, mark_van_haze has a 6.8 second lead over manuel who also has to spool off a 2.5 second penalty. However, the pitstop strategy for mark_van_haze managed to put manuel back into the lead, with DKayyy in 2nd and then followed by mark_van_haze who swapped to medium tires and fuelled up completely.

Lap 12 sees manuel clearing the penalty down by a second, DKayyy pitting and mark_van_haze passing onto 2nd position. This also put MelE1 into 3rd, SimbaLora in 4th and kalam into 5th.

Lap 13 begins with manuel in the lead but with a new 3 second penalty and a 12 second lead over mark_van_haze. MelE1 follows on 3rd but had a 10 second gap to catch up on to.

As the leader manuel comes into to pit on the beginning of the 14th lap, mark_van_haze passes into the lead again, this time with a 6.7 second lead. In 3rd we saw kalam trailing by 7 seconds and then a 11 second gap to the 4th Dkayyy, followed by SimbaLora in 5th, still with a fighting chance to get to the podium. Meanwhile Mel and Grisu slug it out on the straight after the bridge, swapping 6th and 7th positions as they drive side by side down into the next turn, putting Mel into the lead as they enter lap 15.

Lap 15 shows a close fight between deruige and The-Nameless as they exit the bridge, putting The-Nameless into 8th.

Lap 16 and the clock down to 12 minutes shows little change at the front. Mark_van_haze was still going strong with manuel managing to spool off his entire penalty and still leaving him with a 10 second lead over kalam719 in 3rd. A pitstop later by kalam we see a change with SimbaLora coming in 3rd and Mel into 4th.

Entering the 18th lap, mark_van_haze has to do one last pitstop putting manuel back into 1st. However, the gap to 3rd was big enough to leave the rest of the field unchanged. SimbaLora and kalam had a very small gap so both were fighting hard as they enter the bridge, seeing them side by side on the exit and putting kalam into the lead as they enter the long straight. But it was not going to last, SimbaLora getting the lead just for a turn to be then overtaken on the turnaround by kalam.

With 6 minutes left on the clock, mark_van_haze has a 3.7 second lead over manuel who was fighting hard to get back to the front. 14 seconds behind came kalam and unfortunately by lap 19 The_Nameless lost his connection and dropped out of the lobby.

 Lap 19 puts MelE1 into 4th as SimbaLora does a final pit to get fresh tires, coming out in front of Grisu who was trying to catch up the 7.3 second gap. The last lap, 20th, begins with mark_van_haze still leading with a 3 second gap to manuel and a 15b second gap to kalam. Being the last lap the nerves of mark_van_haze seemed to give a bit and on the bridge exit the gap shrinks to 2 seconds. Still, it was not enough and the race ends with mark_van_haze crossing the finishing line in 1st, followed by manuel5025, kalam719 in 3rd, Simba2009Lora in 4th, MelE1 in 5th, Grisu160583 in 6th, deruige in 7th, Dkayyy187 in 8th, AKMakko47 in 9th and LuckyLuciano31 in 10th and last position.