Season 2 Blue Moon League A Race Report

written by mark_van_haze

Sprint Race League A – Round 2 – Blue Moon Bay Infield A

The sprint race started with VP_Marcolah in pole, followed by IPsykoZz in his Viper, Rotec1984 on 34rd, VP_Cobra696 in 4th, Kyd_Stig 5th, Ap_meister 6th, MBR_CastorTroy 7th and MagicWorld66 in 8th. Unlike what anybody expected, the first 3 corners were completely collision free and by the time the leaders arrived at the underpass, Marcolah managed to hold his pole followed by a strong showing of Rotec, with IPsyko and CastorTroy close behind. Kyd_Stig and Cobra were close behind giving each other warm hugs but without any damage.

Lap 2 starts with the same line up and a very packed field. We saw 4 cars side by side crossing the line, with Kyd_Stig and Magicworld on 5th and 6th split by only 0.079 seconds. But it was CastorTroy who managed to squeeze himself into 4th followed by Magicworld on 5th.

Lap 5 sees Marcolah still flying in front, laying down a fastest lap of 1:10.817, while being closely followed by Rotec who recently switched to a Fanatec wheel and showing no problems of adapting his flawless driving style to the new gear.  Meanwhile SuBaaloo managed to lay down the new fastest lap with 1:10:568 pushing him into 8th and closely followed by CrazyJohnIsHere and Splash_DD in 10th.

Lap 6 is showing a big gap of nearly 5 seconds between the leading 3 and the rest of the field, now headed by Magicworld in 4th, with Castor and Stig in hot pursuit. But the hard fight between CastorTroy and MagicWorld ends in round 8 with a push, sending MagicWorld spinning out and hitting the barrier.

 Lap 9 starts with Rotec side by side with Marcolah as they enter turn 1, with IPsyko trailing by 1.2 seconds in 3rd. Marcolah was trying hard to defend his position but Rotecs tires were looking better, giving him a good chance to keep up. By lap 10 Rotec was only trailing by 0.5 seconds and right front tire on the GTR was already well worn, keeping the whole pack close.

 Lap 12 sees Rotec and Marcolah side by side again, with Rotec trying the outside line for turn 1 but just missing the chance to get the lead while IPsyko manages to profit from the fight and closes his gap to Rotec to only 0.2 seconds.

 As the cars entered the final lap, Subaloo who managed to keep consistent fast laps, gets into 5th position, followed by a fast Splash and a crazy Greek in 7th with only 0.5 seconds of a gap.

With practically no rubber left on his front right, Marcolah manages to keep his lead and crosses the finish line in first, with Rotec in 2nd, IPsyko in 3rd, Subaloo in 4th, Kyd_stig in 5th, followed by Splash, CrazyJohn and AP-Meister in 6th,7th and 8th respectively. 9th goes to CastorTroy, 10th Turismo-Litchi, 11th Cobra, 12th Manu2011 and last MagicWorld.

Main Race League A – Round 2 – Blue Moon Bay Infield A

The main race started with a beautiful formation lap (hey league B, are you reading this?) with Turismo-Litchi leading the pack, followed by CastorTroy, AP-Meister, CrazyJohnIsHere, Splash_DD, Kyd_Stig, IPsykoZz and Subaloo on 8th. Turn one was passed without any incidents, showing the professional attitude of all drivers, knowing it’s a long race and one cant win it in the first turn. As the field completes lap one we saw CastorTroy leading with CrazyJohn in 2nd,AP-Meister in 3rd, Turismo-Litchi in 4th. Splash in 5th, followed by a fast IPsyko in 6th, Kyd_Stig in 7th and Marcolah in 8th.

But by lap3 the mad Greek is fighting CastorTroy and manages to nab 2nd, right behind AP-Meister who now is leading the very tight pack. As they entered lap4 CrazyJohn manages to take the lead in front of CastorTroy, followed by Turismo-Litchi.

Meanwhile IPsyko is battling Splash on 4th with Marcolah looking to get in on the action, separated by a mere 0.2 seconds until he loses grip and ends up going wide and dropping down to 9th.

Closing in onto the end of lap 6 the field behind the leading CrazyJohn and CastorTroy, is being spearheaded by a very solidly driving Splash in 3rd, followed by Stig,Litchi,IPsyko, Cobra and AP_Meister.

The 8th lap showed a very hard fight between CastorTroy and CrazyJohn, both of them swapping positions multiple times with John managing to just about hold his car on the track. As the lap came to an end we saw the first pit stops and a position change, with IPsyko in 2nd, followed by Cobra and Litchi in 4th.

But by lap 9, John has to pit and IPsyko managed to squeeze out another lap, giving him the lead. John did not fill his tank completely but drops into 2nd while IPsyko came out with a full tank in 5th, possibly going for a 1 or 2 stop strategy.

Meanwhile in lap 12 the Corvette with Splash managed to get the lead with a 0.5 second gap to CrazyJohn, followed by Cobra, Marcolah and IPsyko in 5th. However Splash couldn’t keep his Vette on the track and a trip to the weeds left him luckily without damage but in 5th position.

By lap 14 the VP boys manage to nab the first two slots, leaving CrazyJohn going mad in 3rd, with IPsyko slowly closing in on the front pack and getting a fast lap of 1:10.741 in.

The rear of the field had Castor, Litchi, Rotec and Splash bumper to bumper, close fights all around as they entered lap 16.

Lap 19 the Viper fought hard to gain the upper hand over CrazyJohn, swapping places to 3rd and 4th respectively. Now the crazy Greek had AP-Meister in his rear view mirror while Rotec kept on breathing down AP-Meisters neck, irrespectively of his worn tires.

Lap 20 opened with both Cobra and Marcolah entering the pits, leaving IPsyko to grab the lead as he still had plenty of fuel. The pitstops shuffle the field up and put CastorTroy into 4th followed by AP-Meister, CrazyJohn, Splash and Turismo-Litchi.

Lap 23 started with the Jaguar of Ap-Meister passing on the long straight and gaining a position over CastorTroy, putting him into 4th. Meanwhile Magicworld who just wasn’t having a good day, spun out and hit the boundary, leaving him with massive damage and pretty much out of the race.

Lap 25 saw IPsyko heading with a 7 second lead over the VP boys, lead by Cobra. Meanwhile Marcolah kept pushing and posted a fast lap of 1:10.270 on his mediums. This triggered the Cobra to get fresh rubber and so by lap 26 we saw the front change to Cobra in 1st, Marcolah 2nd, AP-Meister in 3rd, CrazyJohn in 4th and IPsyko in 5th.

By the 28th lap, IPsyko passed CrazyJohn, leaving him with a 2.6 second gap up to AP-Meister in 3rd. At this point it was all coming down to the pitstop strategies and by lap 30 Marcolah passes his team mate Cobra, taking the lead. However both were a good second slower than IPsyko so things were really pointing to a tight finish. The same lap meant the last pitstop for Crazyjohn, Cobra Marcolah and AP-Meister, putting the Viper in the lead.

Lap 31 ends with IPsyko leading with a 9 second gap to Cobra in 2nd, followed by Marcolah, AP-Meister, CrazyJohn, a flying and sliding Rotec in 6th, Castorin7th and Splash in 8th.

The 35th lap finished with IPsyko in 1st with a solid gap of 8.5 seconds in front of Marcolah in 2nd, Cobra in 3rd. But the VP boys were battling hard and by the next lap traded places again with Cobra also managing to put in a fast lap of 1:10.245.

By lap 39, things stayed pretty much static, with the robot IPsyko leading the race with a good 7.5 second lead over the VP boys who in the final and 40th lap entered the long straight side by side. As the lap comes to and end, Marcolah manages to grab 2nd with Cobra nearly squeezing in just in front of the finish line but gets 3rd with a 0.012 second gap. AP-Meister on 4th, a great race by CrazyJohn on 5th, Rotec on 6th, Splash 7th, Turismo-Litchi 8th, CastorTroy on 9th, MagicWorld 10th and Manu on 11th.