Race Report League A Red Bull Circuit

report written by mark_van_haze

Season 2 | League A – Round 3 – Red Bull Circuit Sprint

After the exciting races at the Red Bull Ring League B, everybody was looking forward to seeing a great show with our top drivers. In pole we had Subaloo, Manu 2nd, CastorTroy 3rd, Turismo-Litchi 4th, MagicWorld 5th, Splash 6th, Kyd_Stig 7th, Ap-Meister 8th, CrazyJohn 9th, VP_Cobra 10th, Rotec 11th, IPsyko 12th and Marcolah 13th.

As the lights go off, it is Castor who manages to get a great run off the start and by turn 2 he was followed by Manu, Litchi, Magicworld and Subaloo in 5th. The field was still very tight, seeing CrazyJohn and Marcolah coming in side by side, putting the mad Greek into 5th.

 Crossing the line and entering into lap 2 all has changed already as Subaloo is in 11th with IPsuko right up to his rear bumper in 12th. Meanwhile CastorTroy profited from the skirmishes behind him and started to open up his lead to 2.5 seconds, followed by Manu in 2nd and Litchi trailing by 0.9 seconds. The pack behind was still in close battle, seeing CrazyJohn drop to 6th as MagicWorld manages to squeeze by into 5th. Marcolah made it into 4th, slowly opening up the field behind him.

Entering Würth corner, Cobra manages to squeeze by on the inside of Magic, giving him 6th, leaving Magic with Rotec right up behind him in 8th.

Lap 4 opens the gap to the leading CastorTroy with Litchi following closely and then a bigger gap to Marcolah in 3rd, Cobra 4th, CrazyJohn 5th, Magic 6th and Rotec 7th. But Rotec started attacking as they turned into Rauch (turn 3), eventually rising 2 positions putting him into 5th. Just moments later Magic goes wide and eats some grass, followed immediately by AP-Meister in his Jaguar and IPsyko in his Viper.

Lap 6 starts with Marcolah in 2nd, trailing Castor with 2.2 seconds and closing the gap. Litchi now on 3rd, had Rotec with a 2.7 second gap although he managed to lay down a fast lap of 1:34.3. The gap between Marcolah and Castor kept shrinking and as they turned into the last turn of lap 6, it was already down to a bit over a second. The same turn though saw Litchi lose control forcing him to unintentionally pit his car, truly unlucky.

Meanwhile Marcolah managed to pass Castor putting himself in the lead. Rotec was 3rd now, followed by Cobra and Subaloo in 5th, with CrazyJohn in 6th.

Lap 8 showed Rotec driving very a consistent pace of 1:34, promising a tight finish. He still had 1 second to Castor to catch though while Cobra was back on 4th with a 3.3 second gap. It now came down to tire wear as most were running very used tires, especially the 4WD cars.

Final lap sees a side by side entry into turn 1 of Rotec and Castor, a close battle for 2nd was developing and before we managed to catch our breath, Rotec was already attacking Marcolah, peeking on the outside of turn 6 and managing to pass into the lead.

The final result crossing over the line sees a win for Rotec, Castor 2nd, Marcolah 3rd, Cobra 4th, Subaloo 5th, CrazyJohn 6th, Magic 7th, Splash 8th, Litchi 9th.

Season 2 | League A – Round 3 – Red Bull Circuit Main

The lights went out and the formation lap was off with Marcolah setting the pace for the rest of the field. Turn one starts and all pass through without any incidents. The field stayed close, all drivers pacing themselves for the long race ahead but just after passing turn 3, IPsykos Viper starts snaking around, nearly losing the car completely and by the time he regains control, dropping to 11th.

Crossing the line attacking turn 1, we saw Marcolah in the lead, Rotec close behind, Splash in 3rd, CrazyJohn glued to his bumper in 4th, CastorTroy in 5th, KydStig in 6th, APMeister 7th and Litchi fighting back into 8th.

In Rauch Castor tried to take the inside but could not make the pass. Splash managed to battle it out with the Greek, giving him 3rd. Meanwhile Marcolah was driving as hard as possible, trying to widen the gap with a lighter tank, making a fast lap of 1:34.1

Lap 4 we saw a fierce battle coming into turn 3, between Rotec, Castor and Splash, with contact, leaving Castor in 3rd. KidStig drove his Porsche hard and aggressively took the inside line on turn 3, forcing the nose of the Porsche past Splash and CrazyJohn, leaving Splash right behind them in 6th.

Further behind there was a strong pass by Cobra with Litchi in tow, both passing APMeister, then in 9th.

Fuel was starting to run out and by the end of lap 6 we see most cars coming in to refuel, except for KidStig and IPsyko, taking 1st and 2nd respectively. Behind them Subaloo and Litchi also managed to stay out another lap. Most cars coming out of the pits were trying to avoid filling up entirely so that the next stop would allow for a tire change combined with another refuel. Others such a CrazyJohn filled up completely, trying a different tactic for his NSX. With a heavier car, CrazyJohn dropped behind Magic, passing into 9th but CrazyJohn was planning for the long game here.

By the end of lap 8, Litchi pits his Lexus, gets fresh mediums and a 2/3 tank fill. Lap 9 sees Marcolah with a 6 second lead in pole, with Rotec on 2nd and Castor on 3rd, a similar line up to the sprint race. But Rotec was flying, trying hard to close that gap with Castor trailing by 2.4 seconds.

Meanwhile Splash was driving a great race, in 5th showing that his training days after round 2 at Blue Moon, was worth the time.

Coming into lap 12 turn 3, IPsyko was trying to make his Viper as wide as possible while Subaloo was looking for any opportunity to squeeze his Porsche into 10th. But Manu on 12th was profiting from this, closing his gap too.

Finishing lap 13, Marcolah holds his 5.2 second lead, laying down consistent 1.34s but Rotec kept roboting away, keeping an even better pace and closing the gap. CastorTroy on 3rd, came in for his pitstop, refuelling 50% and putting fresh mediums on. By the time he came out, he dropped into 13th, showing how tight the race was with such solid driving all around.

Lap 15 and half way through the race, the line up was Marcolah, Rotec, Cobra, Splash, APMeister 5th, Litchi 6th,Magic 7th and CrazyJohn 8th. Marcolah and Rotec were both on badly worn tires so they were due for a pitstop but the question was how much each will be refuelling as that could decide who gets the lead. But Rotec stayed outside while the leader came out with 80% in the tank and frsh mediums, in 8th, right behind Subaloo.

By Rauch Marcolah passed Subaloo, fighting his way back up the line. Rotec passed the line opening lap 18 without pitting again, trying for a 2 pitstop strategy. Splash was trailing by 16 seconds but holding 2nd and by the end of the lap, both enter the pitlane.

While CrazyJohn and Marcolah battle over 1st and 2nd, Rotec came out just behind Marcolah with CrazyJohn squeezing into 2nd. But CrazyJohn still had another pitstop coming up so the race really was going to be between Marcolah and Rotec. By Rindt corner (turn 7) Rotec passed into 2nd position. This left a 2 second gap up to Marcolah while further back we saw a great battle between Splash, AP Meister for 7th and 8th position.

Lap 21 started with Marcolah followed by Rotec, CrazyJohn and Subaloo in 4th respectively. Subaloo had a 0.7 gap to the Greek so this was still wide open since John was heading for his final pitstop. Cobra managed to fight his way up to 5th, with CastorTroy close behind.

Lap 23 started with Subaloo leaving the pits in a half full tank and fresh mediums, in 8th. This put Splash into 4th with a possible chance to the podium. Most of the leaders were looking to finish without adding another pitstop but Marcolahs tires were already pretty worn so it was not sure if he would manage to get through to the end without a pitstop.

Meanwhile this race was certainly not the one Litchi would remember as his best as he came out for the final corner in lap 23, sliding wide, causing his car to cross the track and collide with the pit wall. The massive damage meant he now had to push through the whole lap at a very slow pace before being able to pit, so his race was done.

Lap 25 started with a small gap of only 1.3 seconds between Marcolah and Rotec and with 5 laps left, this was going to be very close for the GTR that was still running very worn tires. By turn 7 the gap shrank to 0.5 seconds. Rotec was very close to Marcolah, looking for the optimal moment to pass into the lead. The pressure was on but Marcolah GTR was fast on the straights and Rotec kept looking for the moment to pass for a few more laps.

Lap 28 started with the same two drivers leading the field, with Cobra in 3rd and then a larger gap to the 4th Splash, CrazyJohn 5th, Subaloo 6th, IPsyko 7th and APMeister 8th. But then turn 2 Rotec tried to go for the inside line, breaking out of the slipstream and yet, the GTR just managed to get out of that corner so quickly, leaving Rotec behind once again.

And so they both crossed the line into lap 29, and by turn 2 we saw the same move from Rotec and again, the GTR on the outside manages to stay ahead. But Rotec somehow managed to get more speed on the exit and they both entered Rauch side by side where finally Rotec managed to grab the lead. But only 2 turns down, Marcolah puts his GTR up ahead again, making for a crazy tight race.

The final lap, Rotec leads into turn 1, nearly loses control giving MArcolah another window of opportunity, seeing them side by side into turn 2. Rotec was right behind Marcolah as they entered turn 3, taking the inside and Marcolah was trying hard to hold the car but his tires were badly worn and a small skid left him on the curbs, looking at the rear of Rotec.

Rotec manages to finish the race in 1st, followed by Marcolah, Cobra 3rd, CrazyJohn 4th, Subaloo 5th, a recovered IPsyko 6th, Splash 7th, APMeister 8th, Magic 9th, KydStig 10th, CastorTroy 11th, Manu 12th and Litchi 13th.