Race Report League B Monza

written by mark_van_haze

EGT4M | Season 2 | League B – Round 4  MONZA Sprint

Monza, probably one of the most famous circuits in the world and definitely a drivers favourite, promised to be a fast and exciting race. Was Deruige going to keep dominating the league? Was Kalam going to challenge him? What sweet livery will mark van haze bring?

The qualifier and super pole set up the grid in reverse with Darky in pole, followed by Rabauke, batti7, manuel5025 in 4th, mark van haze in 5th, Nameless 6th, Simbalora 7th, McMalan8th, kalam who won the fanboost on 9th, deruige on 10th. The lights went off and all were heading into the dreaded chicane for a possible pile up. But it didn’t happen, instead Darky got away well and on the exit of the chicane traded some paint with Darky, although no damage was dealt. Most got through without issues except for Rabauke who ended up in the gravel, dropping to last position.  Coming out of Lesmo 2, Batti already managed create a lead of 1 second over DarkysCorvette, followed by Manuel, mark in 4th, Nameless in 5th, McMalan 6th, Simbalora 7th and Kalam 8th. Kalam was attacking Simbalora entering the Parabolica but was too late on the brakes, riding it out into the gravel and dropping into last, behind Rabauke.

Things were still heating up in midfield, as deruige and Simbalora enter Lesmo 2, with deruige giving Simbalora a small but unfortunate push, resulting in Simbalora dropping to 8th. Deruige was fighting Nameless and managed to fly past Nameless but this was a Ferrari in Italy so we were still not counting him out.

Lap 3 sees Simbalora and the KitKat Lambo from Mark enter the chicane side  by side, with Simbalora taking the inside line but squeezing the Lambo out, dropping him into 8th. Now Kalam with fanboost was behind them and used his extra power to get a fast exit, passing the Mercedes, to get a bite off the KitKat Lambo on 7th. 

Coming out fo Ascari, Darky and Manuel were side by sidebut Darky managed to keep his 2nd position up until the first chicane, where Manuel takes second. Darky was not letting up though and storming down to the second chicane, again both enter side by side but this time Darky managed to get his nose in just a bit ahead. But he was taking the chicane wider than usual and Manuel hit him and was forced to cut the chicane, putting him ahead. On 4rd was McMalan, rubbing his hands together as this was his chance to pop in and pass into 3rd, leaving Darky on 4th. Things were looking good until coming out of Lesmo 1, McMalan just caught the outside markings with his rear left tire, sliding right into the opposite wall resulting in massive damage.

Lap 5 batti was still way ahead, now followed by a lucky deruige, Darky 3rd, Nameless 4th with Manuel constantly sniffing his tailpipe on 5th, kalam fighting his way up to 6th, Simba on 7th and the most beautiful lambo of mark crawling in 8th, Raubauke 9th and McMalan last.

Meanwhile batti managed to lay down a clean fast lap of 1:55,086 and opening the gap to 2nd even further. By lap 6 Nameless got a 2.1 second penalty which was going to be difficult to shake with Manuel so close. Deruige was also spooling down a 2 second penalty, as well as Kalam with 1.9 seconds. Naughty corner cutters everywhere 😊

Slipstream was the trick of the day and in lap 7, manuelmanages to pass Darky as they exit the first chicance. Just a bit later, Kalam managed to get into 5th, storming down the straight to Ascari. On the entrance to Parabolica, Darky and Manuel go at it again, side by side but after a short bump, manuel keeps his line and Darky on the outside, slides into the gravel. This opened the door for Kalam who on the finish straight had the fanboost advantage and got back onto 3rd.

The last lap started with batti first, deruige 2nd, kalam 3rd, manuel 4th, Nameless 5th, Darky 6th, Simbalora 7th and mark van haze 8th . The final lap saw no more changes except for a small error by Darky which gave Simbalora the chance to get aheadof Darky, finishing the race in 6th.

Main Race

The line up for the main race was deruige in pole, followed by batti7, kalam 3rd, McMalan, mark van haze, Rabauke 6th, Simbalora 7th, Nameless 8th, manuel 9th and Darky in 10th.

A great formation lap later and the race kicks off with Rabauke going sideways in the chicane, dropping to 9th. Deruige was leading the charge entering the 2nd chicane with batti in 2nd and kalam in 3rd. Mark van haze made his way up but hit the brakes late, took the inside line passing McMalanand pushing kalam out, who ended cutting the chicane but managed to rejoin in 3rd, without taking any damage. McMalan profited from this incident and got through into 4thwith Nameless behind who also took the opportunity to pass Mark into 5th. 

Lap 2 ended with the first few pitstops, Simba, Rabauke and Manuel who also had to fix some damage. Deruige kept his lead but batti had the advantage with the slightly faster Ferarriso it was only a matter of time… Coming out of Lesmo 2, Kitkat lambo manged to pass Nameless into 5th but with a sizable gap of 2.7 seconds to McMalan, things were still wide open.

Coming down into the Parabolica battis Ferrari finally gets past deruige, starting the 4th lap in the lead with deruige behind and a 4.4 second penalty, so he had his work cut out for the next few laps. 

Deruige ends the 4th lap with a pitstop to change tires and to refuel – now with a slightly larger tank than the previous races where he was at a disadvantage with the thirsty BMW. Battistayed out and kept pushing hard, with a fast lap of 1:55.106. 

Lap 5 we saw Kalam going a bit too quickly into Lesmo 1 and it did not take much to catch the rear left tire on the slippery green boundary. He just managed to keep the car straight though and re-joined the track before Lesmo 2. Behind him McMalan saw his chance to pass through but then cut Kalam off the track, bumping Kalam into the grass who then spinnedout off Lesmo 2. 

The first pitstop for batti came ending lap 5, changing tires to mediums and filling up to about 80%. 

In lap 6 deruige struggling to keep his car in the 2nd chicane, slides wide letting mark pass through into 4th. However, his penalty was down to 1.6 seconds, so things were looking better and by the end of the lap he managed to reduce it to 0.4 seconds.

Lap 7 starts with Simbaloras Merc in the lead with a 3.7 second gap to batti7, followed by McMalan, mark in 4th, deruige in 5th, Rabauke 6th, Nameless 7th, kalam 8th. The different strategies were starting to show effect so things were shaking up. Meanwhile batti managed another fast lap of 1:55.039, closing the gap to the Mercedes every lap.

In lap 9. coming into the second chicane, kalam manages to push his Mcclaren past Rabauke and takes 7th while further up deruige does a clean pass in Lesmo 1 and leaves mark behind in 4th position.

By lap 10 the gaps between the first 3 cars was getting larger, 7.5 seconds behind the leader batti was McMalan who was 8.9 seconds in front of deruige in 3rd. 

Half time and Batti was still far ahead of the pack with 10 seconds to McMalan in 2nd. Kalam was fighting hard, slowly but surely working his way up towards Simbalora on 4th so it was going to be quite interesting as the race was starting to depend the different strategies. End of lap 13 kalam and Darky enter for a pitstop, dropping Kalam into 6th.

End of lap 14 batti pits too with about 80% fuel, going for the rest of the race without another stop. By lap 16 we saw more pitstops changing the ranking to batti, Simbalora,McMalan,deruige, kalam, Nameless, mark and Rabauke on 8th. 

By lap 18 the gaps widened up even more, leaving pretty much every driver driving alone and while this was not making for an exciting race, it did give the drivers time to lay down consistently fast laps, with deruige doing a quick on at 1:54,760. 

In the final lap we saw some gaps shrinking but overall not much change. Manuel managed to pass mark van haze who was saving fuel to make it to the finish line and the same applied to pretty much everybody else in the lead, except for batti. Just before the end, in the Parabolica, Simbaloramanaged to pass deruige who was struggling with some frontal damage and a penalty and so the race came to its finish with batti winning the race, McMalan 2nd, Simbalora 3rd, deruige 4th, kalam 5th, Nameless 6th, manuel 7th, mark van haze 8th, Rabauke 9th and Darky 10th.