Race Report League A Nürburg GP

League A |Season 2 | Round 5 

Nürburg GP Sprint

Nürburgring is a favourite among the EGT4M drivers so it was no surprise to see our best drivers being eager to burn their rubber. The pole position went to Manu followed by Stig, Castor in 3rd who also won the fanboost, Splash, Leetchee in 5th, Magic, Subaloo, AP-Meister, Cobra, IPsyko 10th, Rotec and Marcolah in 12th.  The lights went off and all got away through turn 1 and into the arena, without any incidents. As the field started to spread out, Manu kept the lead followed closely by Stig up until mid lap where Castor managed to take 2nd. The fight for P1 went on until the Merc Arena where Castor took the outside, got a great exit and passed into the lead. On 3rd trailing by only 0.3 seconds was Stig, Marcolah 4th, Splash 5th, Subaloo 6th, IPsyko 7th, Leetchee 8th.

But the fight at the front was expanding now, Stig and Marcolah managed to pass Manu too, putting him into 4th while Leetchee went wide to avoid hitting Rotec in turn 12, riding it out on the safety area behind the track.

Lap 3 started with Castor leading the pack, Marcolah in 2nd and IPSyko in 3rd but with a 4 second penalty. Splash was holding his 4th and Manu just wasn’t having the best time, dropping to 7th. But he was not alone as Rotec was struggling in last position.

Lap 4 Castor had a lead of 1.5 seconds while Cobra on 4th was under attack by Splash and Subaloo, so the front was not spread out too far yet.

By lap 5 Marcolah managed to close the gap to Castor, bringing it under 1 second. Meanwhile the gap to the Viper of IPsyko in 3rd and Cobra in 4th grew to 2.6 seconds, splitting the front 3 away from the field. Cobra was still under attack by Subaloo who got a clean pass as he heads for turn 11 only to be put back in his place by Cobra before entering Advan. Manu managed to climb another spot into 6th with Magic trailing behind him with a 1.3 second gap.

Flying down the finish straight, Marcolah went for the pass on the inside, giving him the lead although Castor was not going to give in easily, fighting very hard and trading paint as they pass through the Merc arena.

Meanwhile Rotec decided not to call it a day and managed to climb up into 8th, with Splash in 9th and Leetchee in 10th. Still, he had a 4 second gap to Magic in 7th. At Advan the fight for 10th was proving to be interesting as Stig, Splash and Leetchee were all jostling for positions.

Marcolah with Castor sniffing his exhaust was pushing a great 2:01,290 fast lap but Castor had the fanboost, so he was not easy to shake. As they enter the final 8th lap, IPSyko profited from this battle, closed in on Castor and got side by side with him in the Merc arena where they had a hard contact, costing Castor his chance to pass Marcolah. But this being the league A drivers, IPSyko immediately let Castor pass so as to not take advantage of the bump – very fair driving!

Racing into Advan, Subaloo was trying very hard to get the upper hand on Cobra and passes as the race ends with Marcolah in 1st, Castor 2nd, IPSyko 3rd, Subaloo 4th, Cobra 5th, Manu 6th, Rotec 7th, Magic 8th, Leetchee 9th, Kyd_Stig 10th, APMeister 11th, and Splash 12th.

Main Race

The starting grid saw Rotec in pole, Marcolah 2nd, Cobra 3rd, Castor 4th, IPSyko 5th, Subaloo 6th, Magic 7th, Kyd_Stig 9th, Splash 9th, APMeister 10th, Manu 11th and Leetchee 12th. After a great formation lap, things get really tight in turn 1 but no major contacts as the whole field managed to pass through into the Merc arena. In turn 7 though, Splash and Stig had a close encounter, pushing side by side through the turn, luckily without losing any positions.

Racing down Advan, Rotec was in the lead but the two GTRs of Marcolah and Cobra, in 2nd and 3rd respectively, were pressuring him hard. On the last turn, Marcolah manged to take the inside line and pass through into the lead. As lap 3 started, IPSyko now managed to join in, profiting from the battle ahead, while Subaloo and Castor were in close quarters for 5th and 6th position.

Marcolah dropped a fast one with 2:01,348 with Rotec still in hot pursuit and Cobra right behind him. Starting lap 4 Cobra uses the slipstream and gets the inside line for turn 1, giving him a nice pass and the lead over Rotec, as they entered the arena.

Racing down Advan, IPsyko got even closer to Rotec as Cobra was defending his position and coming out of the last turn, managed to profit from the compromised race lines of the two cars ahead of him, grabbing 3rd in front of Rotec.

Lap 5 and Marcolah opened his lead to 2.5 seconds while IPSyko was only trailing 0.2 seconds behind the second position. Right about then Leetchees internet connection gave up and he was disconnected, ending this race for him prematurely.

As the lap comes to an end, nearly all of the drivers come in for their pitstop and of course the refuel strategies were going to decide on who came out when. And so Marcolah kept leading as he didn’t pit but the Viper of IPSyko came out just ahead of KydStig, with Castor in 4th, Rotec on 5th, Splash 6th, Magic 7th, 8th Cobra.

Lap 6 started with Marcolah still in the lead with a good 2 seconds ahead of IPsyko. Castor on 3rd, only had a gap of 1.5 seconds to the Viper and KydStig had a similar gap to work on but then Rotec managed to get a late brake on Advan and squeezed past into 4th.

In lap 9 KydStig had a hard battle defending his 6th position against Magic but going into Advan he went wide, riding out on the grass giving Magic a clean pass and grabbed 6th and right in his slipstream was another Porsche – Subaloo. This battle went on for a few turns until KydStig managed to close up and join the fun too. In turn 6 Subaloo got on the inside and passed into 6th, making a Porsche sandwich for the BMW.

And another fast lap from Marcolah 2:01,266, leading with 2.6 seconds over IPSyko who could just about see him in front but the next pitstop could change a lot. Lap 11 in the NGK chicane, Rotec gained another position, grabbing 4th in front of Cobra.

The gaps were starting to grow more and more with seconds between most drivers as Rotec and KydStig enter the pits for fresh rubber and a possibly a final fuelstop. As they came out the positions were still locked in with Marcolah 1st, IPsyko 2nd, Cobra 3rd, Magic 4th, Castor 5th, Rotec 6th, Stig 7th and Splash 8th.

The gap for IPSyko was growing to 3.5 seconds where as Cobra trailed by 13 seconds. IPsyko went for the final pitstop before ending lap 14, possibly undercutting Marcolah who had a whole 25 seconds for his pitstop which allowed him to keep the lead.

Lap 15 starts with Marcolah coming out of the pits with IPsyko trailing by 65.9 seconds. Castor was 6.5 seconds behind in 3rd followed by Rotec in 4th.

Cobra in 5th was trying hard to catch up with Rotec but who also had a 0.9 second gap to Rotec which was going to be an uphill battle as Cobra also had to deal with a 2.2 penalty. However he had company in the penalty corner with Castor carrying 2.5 seconds and Rotec 3 seconds, so all was yet to be decided. But a few laps later, Rotec loses out and Cobra swaps places with him, putting the Mclaren into 5th.

Lap 21 Cobra attacked down the Advan straight, missed his braking point and that was all Rotec needed, slipping by into 4th. The fight went on though and Cobra managed to pass Castor who also had to deal with a 3.1 second penalty. The final lap was coming and going with Marcolah winning the race with a 6.1 seconds gap ahead of IPsyko in 2nd, followed by Rotec in 3rd, Cobra in 4th, Castor in 5th, Magic 6th, Subaloo 7th and AP-Meister 8th and Splash on 9th.