Race Report League B Nürburg GP

EGT4M| Season 2 | League B – Round 5 

Nürburg GP Sprint Race

Nürburgring is the track for the 5th round at the EGT4M and it started off with multiple restarts due to the buggy GTS lobby but thanks to the patience, understanding and love to race against each other, nobody complained until we got it right. The starting grid for the Sprint consisted of the Austrian newcomer ii_nookal who joined mid-season and was driving the Cayman GT4, in second position LoneSurvivor, AKMakko 3rd, Grisu 4th, Darky 5th, manuel 6th, mark_van_haze 7th, Nameless 8th, batti 9th, Simbalora 10th, McMalan 11th, kalam 12th and deruige 13th.

A clean start from nookal saw him leading the field with AKMakko right on his tail. The first turn was incident free and the field started to line up for the Mercedes Arena where manuel got a very gentle nudge from Nameless on the rear, leaving him to spin out near the barriers.

Shortly after that AKMakko lost his position to Lonesurvivor and by the NGK schikane batti managed to nab 4th with Darky in 5th and kalam already in 6th. But the overall leader deruige was not sleeping either and hot on the tail of kalam in 7th. Coming towards the pits, Nameless who had the Fanboost bonus, had to go in for repairs, dropping him to 11th with only manuel and McMalan struggling behind him.

Nookal lead into lap 2 with a 1.1 second gap to Lonesurvivor, followed by AKMakko and batti in 4th. Kalam was still pushing Darky, trying to make it up the grid before deruige started to push as well. By lap 3 deruige managed to get through Kalam, leaving him in 7th at the Merc arena. Ahead Darky fought very hard with AKMakko and coming out of turn 5, AKMakko went wide, dropping him to 6th as deruige immediately took the opportunity to squeeze through into 5th.

In the front batti was trailing in 3rd with a 2.3 second gap to Lonesurvivor while nookal was in a comfy lead.

By lap 4 the fight for 5th place was still on and Darky managed to grab his old position back from kalam. Driving into the Merc Arena,  the gaps between deruige, kalam and Darky opened up a bit more as AKMakko caught some grass on the inside, sliding a bit sideways.

Racing down Advan (turn 8) deruige was in 4th, followed by kalam and Darky in 6th. Lap 5 nookal managed a afst lap of 2:03.071 and opened his lead up to 2 seconds. Batti was trailing to Lonesurvivor by only 0.7 seconds, so his chances were still looking good to make it to 2nd. But for the rest of the drivers things were not looking solid. Simbalora on 8th was 5.2 seconds behind Darky and Mark was obviously not happy with his Nutella Lambo as he was another 1.4 seconds behind Simbalora.

It was now deruige in 4th who was dropping a fast one with 2:03,028. In lap 6 batti managed to get even closer, now only 0.2 seconds behind the BMW of Lonesurvivor. Through Advan, side by side batti took the outside line and managed to pass into 2nd. But the gap to the leader was not going to shrink though, nookal was ahead by 2.7 seconds, heading for a solid win.

Lap 7 the fight between batti and Lonesurvivor started to show and the gap for the 4th, deruige, was getting smaller – down to 1.5 seconds. As they entered the last lap, deruige reduced the gap to 0.5 seconds with a good chance of getting onto the podium. He was still carrying a 1.5 second penalty so things for him were going to be tricky. But as they entered the Merc Arena, the PS Network kicked out the game host and with that the race ended prematurely. The final standings were therefore nookal 1st, batti 2nd, LoneSurvivor 3rd, deruige 4th, kalam 5th, AKMakko 6th, Darky 7th, Simbalora 8th, Mark Van Haze 9th, Nameless 10th.

Main Race

Hoping we would have a stable connection, the main race was off with a nice formation lap. Deruige was in pole, followed by batti, nookal 3rd, McMalan, manuel, Simbalora 6th, Lonesurvivor 7th, kalam 8th, mark van haze 9th, Nameless 10th, Darky 11th, AKMakko 12th, Grisu 13th and xRabauke 14th.

Turn one came and went without any incidents but in the Merc Arena, McMalan who dropped to 4th, got a slight and unfortunate contact on his rear left corner by manuel, sending him off into a spin. By the time he re-joined the pack he dropped to 13th.

As lap 2 came to an end, deruige was leading with a 2.6 second gap over nookal in 2nd, followed by batti, SImbalora, kalam, Lonesurvivor, mark van haze 7th and manuel in 8th.  Entering the Advan straight, batti went a bit wide leaving Simbalora no way to go and bumping into him. This left Simba with front damage and dropped batti into 7th.

Lap 3 deruige managed the fastest lap at 2:04,691 and the field behind reshuffled a bit with nookal in 2nd, kalam 3rd, Lonesurvivor 4th, mark van haze 5th, manuel 6th, AKMakko7th and Grisu 8th. Coming towards the straight of Advan, the gap between the BMW of Lonesurvivor and kalam shrank to 0.4 seconds, while mark managed to keep his gap at 0.8 seconds.

Lap 4 starts with nookal dropping a 2:03,057 lap, hot on the heels of deruige. Batti and Simbalora went for a pitstop, filling their tanks. But by lap 5, deruige really opens up the throttle and does a 2:02,437 lap, leaving a 2.2 gap to the second , nookal.

By the end of the lap, the pitstops started and the order changed to McMalan leading the race with nookal in 2nd, deruige in 3rd, batti 4th, LoneSurvivor 5th, mark 6th, Simbalora 7th and manuel 8th. But not all was set yet, as McMalan still had his pitstop ahead of him.

In lap 8 nookal was back in the lead with a 3.7 gap to deruige, followed by batti who was 4.7 seconds behind. Lonesurvivor was closer behind batti, only 0.8 seconds and mark van haze also still holding under a 1 second gap.

Racing down to turn 1, kalam in 10th, got on the grass braking hard and managed to skid to the inside of the turn. But just as he was about to hit the cars in front going around the turn, GTS luckily reset his car, avoiding a complete pile up.

Lap 10 sees deruige get into 2nd, now chasing nookal with a 4.3 second gap. Lonesurvivor and batti were battling hard for 3rd while mark was eating his Nutella and waiting to profit from this fight.

Storming down the starting straight in lap 11, McMalan took the inside line for turn 1 and got the better of Simbalora, passing him and grabbing 6th position.

Lap 12 continues with the battle between batti and Lonesurvivor, with a bit more paint trading between the two but always keeping it fair. But by the end of the lap, batti goes for the pitstop, letting Lonesurvivor move up to 3rd and Nutella power into 4th. The gap between these two was then down to 0.4 seconds.

Lap 14 kalam was close on manuel who was in 6th, batti was only 0.3 behind kalam and then 1.6 seconds back was Simbalora. This was not going to be an easy one for kalam as the same lap he managed to lose his position to manuel. The lap then ended with deruige, Lonesurvivor and mark van haze in the pits.

Coming out, deruige was leading, the fuel strategies were now starting to show and it did look like the podium would be nookal, deruige. Kalam moved up to 5th, while batti moved to 3rd, passing Mcmalan by the end of lap 15.

Lap 17 nookal was only 0.4 seconds behind deruige but deruige still had a 1.5 second penalty to deal with. The pressure was relentless and the Porsche was all over the BMW, often trading paint but keeping it fair. 12 seconds behind was batti doing a lone race with the rest of the field also spread out quite well over the whole track.

In lap 18, the pressure on deruige got the upper hand and as he was braking for the NGK chicane, he went wide on the exit, rolled into the grass but managed to get back on the track before the next turn. However, this was all nookal needed and he passed into the lead, opening the 19th lap with a 1.5 second lead over deruige.

But deruige was not giving in that easily and by lap 19 he reduced the gap to 0.6 seconds. With 3 laps left the battle was going to be a close one but nookal was driving a solid race, keeping a small gap until lap 21. Here deruige took the inside line but took too much speed and had to go wide giving nookal the lead. The battle went on, deruige managing to get side by side at Advan and by turn 1 in lap 22, deruige manages to take the lead again. From here on, nookal seemed to be running low on fuel and had to change his fuel mapping to make it to the pit. Batti who was on 3rd was now 2nd, as nookal left the pit behind batti.

The final lap was completed with deruige winning the race, followed by batti 2nd, nookal 3rd, LoneSurvivor 4th, mark van haze 5th