1. FUNRACE Race Report

written by mark_van_haze

  1. FUNRACE| Knockout Racing – Pagani on Catalunya by MINKIHL

At EGT4M we also like to open our doors for other drivers who want to experience what top notch racing in GTS can look like. From this basic idea we launched our first funrace in Catalunya, using the very lively and fun to drive Pagani Zonda. The fun race turned out to be popular so we ended up having two lobbies, to accommodate all drivers.

The starting grid for lobby B was based on the qualifying laps and it was not surprising to see Marcolah in pole, followedby IPsyko, Manu 3rd, then already a new driver, Chrono in 4th,batti7 in 5th, Magic in 6th, Jesterhead (new) in 7th,GSXR600Junk (new) 8th, Deekay 9th, AKMakko 10thand Grisu 11th.

The race turned out to be a great show of professional driving and sportsmanship behaviour and after 18 laps Marcolah took the win with a solid 13 seconds lead over IPsyko in 2nd, followed by Manu, Chrono, GSXR600Junk, Jesterhead 6th, Grisu, Deekay, and AKMakko in 10th. Magic was the only driver who unfortunately had a disconnect and could not complete the race.

 Lobby A then had a grid line up of Marcolah in pole, deruige 2nd, IPSyko 3rd, Rotec1984, Manu, Castortroy, Chrono, mark_van_haze, MehSqueakers (new), GSXR600, Jesterhead, Schniepi1984 (new), TheFirstCause (new) and Grisu in 14th.

This race turned out to be a bit more of a typical first round rush with contacts between various drivers but overall, most of the driving was a good 2 notches above a usual GTS daily race. The winner of this race was Marcolah, followed by CastorTroy, IPSyko 3rd, Manu 4th, Chrono 5th, Rotec 6th, deruige 7th, mark 8th, MehSqueakers 9th, Schniepi 10th, GSXR600Junk 11th, Grisu 12th and TheFirstCause 13th.

Overall a great show of talent and definitelya good reason for more funraces to come, so if you are interested in our series or funraces – join our discord (joining on main page)

Here the Stream to rewatch and also few pictures by our photograph The_Nameless_01

Knockout Lobby A: