Season 2 FINAL Interlagos League B

written by mark_van_haze

EGT4M | Season 2 | League B – Round 7(FINAL) – Interlagos Sprint Race

So this was it, the final race day for League B and what a great track to end it on: Interlagos. Race attendance was not the best but again, this near to Christmas it was understandable that many drivers had family obligations which kept them from this race. Yours truly was particularly sad about it as I (mark van haze) had a great livery planned for this final. But hey, there is season 3 to be looking forward to.

The grid line up after the qualifier and siper pole saw xRabauke in pole, nookal with the fanboost win in 2nd, Nameless 3rd, McMalan 4th, kalam 5th, Simbalora 6th and deruige in 7th. The lights went out and Rabauke had a pretty bad start while nookal got away in the lead but then coming out of the Senna S immediately lost it to Nameless. Racing down Curva do Sol, nookal made his fanboost count and after Nameless went a bid wide, nookal passed back into the lead with McMalan right in his slipstream.

In Lap 2 we saw deruige managed to get into 5th, with only 0.7 seconds to Simbalora in 4th. The same lap further in front, McMalan got a good pass in by the Pinheirinho turn and took the lead. Nookal did not like that and fought hard to stay side by side but ended up catching some grass on the exit, spinning him out and crashing into a barrier. He managed to get back on the track but with frontal damage and losing any chance of getting a podium finish.

Lap 3 Simbalora manages to grab 2nd, and racing down the second straight Oposta, Nameless is closely following with deruige in 4th, then a big gab and kalam in 5th, Rabauke 6th and nookal in 7th. By the time the leaders got to Juncao, deruige managed to get a great exit and passed Simbalora as they were climbing towards the finishing straight.

Lap 5 finishes with McMalans GTR in the lead, followed by deruige who was fighting to reduce the 1.7 second gap. Behind him came Simbalora who was trailing with 2 seconds, and kalam in 4th slipstreaming and attacking as they headed into the Senna S. They had a heated battle and while being side by side, Simbalora did manage to keep ahead as they finish lap 6.

Coming into lap 7, right after the Senna S, deruige took the inside line over McMalan and exited into the Oposta straight, taking the lead. His fast lap of 1:36,906 meant he was again showing incredible pace and as they finished the lap, climbing the straight, deruige already had a 1.1 second lead over McMalan.

Things did not change much in the next lap, deruige kept his incredible pace and managed to open the lead to 2.4 seconds as he raced into the Senna S. As the rest of the field raced up the finish straight, kalam launches for an attack onto Simbalora but misses the brake point, going into the run off area of turn 1, giving Nameless the 4th position.

The race finishes with deruige winning the race with a 5.9 second lead (although a 2.3 second penalty added on to that reduced this lead a bit), McMalan in 2nd, Simbalora in 3rd, Nameless 4th, kalam 5th, nookal 6th and Rabauke 7th.

Main Race

The starting grid was made up of deruige in pole, nookal 2nd, Simbalora 3rd, McMalan 4th, kalam 5th, Nameless 6th, Rabauke 7th and Grisu 8th. A perfect formation lap is followed by a clean Senna S without any contact and very fair racing. Coming down into the Oposta straight, kalam Simbalora and nookal all race side by side into the Descida turn but kalam manages to stay ahead in 2nd.

By the time the deruige crosses the line and enters lap 3, he already had a 2.7 second lead over kalam in 2nd and Simbalora dropped to 6th. However, as is often the case with Simbalora, his strategy is very different to most and being on hard tires meant that for the start he would be a bit on the back foot vs. all others who were on mediums.

But then GTS managed to disappoint us again by crashing on the host of the race with which all drivers were kicked out. This unfortunately meant we had to restart the race so everybody got another chance at beating the incredibly fast deruige.

After another great formation lap, deruige kicked of the race and very quickly the field settled back into deruige in 1st, nookal 2nd, Simbalora 3rd, kalam 4th, Nameless fighting hard right behind in 5th, McMalan 6th, Grisu 7th and Rabauke 8th. By lap 3 the hard tires of Simbalora dropped him back into 6th, with McMalan getting a sneaky pass right before the Ferradura turn.

Lap 3 ends with deruige flying ahead of everyone, cracking a fast lap at 1:36,240 and leading with 3 seconds over nookal. Lap 5 starts with Simbalora coming out of the pits in last position but with a full tank. This meant his strategy was to stay out for the rest of the race, pushing the hard tires right until the end.

End of lap 6 sees more pitstops, kalam got fresh mediums and fuel while McMalan pushed on for another lap, putting him temporarily in the lead. A lap later he too had to pit and when he came out starting lap 8, he rejoined the field in 5th, with Simbalora climbing slowly and trailing him in 6th.

In front, Nameless was in 3rd and battling hard to keep kalam off his tail with a small gap of 0.6 seconds. But by the Pinheirinho turn, kalam manages to get a clean pass into 3rd.

In lap 13 McMalan launches an attack on Nameless, trying to out brake him on the finishing straight but misses the brake point and ends up going wide into the Senna S. This cost him valuable time and set him back again trailing in 5th with a 1.1 second gap. But the next battle was only minutes away and so McMalan managed to catch up on Nameless in lap 14 and launched another attack, putting him side by side down the Oposta straight. This time he manages to get the brake point right and passes on the inside into 4th position.

Lap 16 ends with deruige getting into the pits but with a 16 second lead he had nothing to worry about as kalam pushed on to add another lap and taking a temporary lead. Other drivers also went for their final pitstop but Simbalora of course had a different strategy and did not have to pit. This gave him the 4th position, leaving Nameless in 5th and nookal in 6th. And by lap 18 everybody else went through their pitstop and with that, Simbalora climbed into 2nd! In 3rd we saw kalam, followed by McMalan in 4th, Nameless 5th, nookal 6th, Rabauke 7th and Grisu 8th. Simbalora had a 6 second lead and another 10 laps left which would mean one more pitstop for fuel, so it was going to be a close one for a podium finish.

But then came his pitstop and the field was shuffled again, not in his favour. Deruige still had the lead but kalam, McMalan, Nameless, and nookal all manged to pass ahead of him. However, even that finish meant a 3rd overall in the championship, so not too bad after all.

Lap 22 nookal was fighting to get in front of Nameless slipstreaming the Ferarri until he managed to get a pass after the second straight.

By lap 23 deruige was already lapping Rabauke as he had a 23 second lead over the rest of the field. Meanwhile, nookal was chipping away at the gap to McMalan and by lap 27 he was only 0.3 seconds behind, ready for an attack for a podium finish. But McMalan managed to hold his 3rd spot and so the final race of season 2 ended with a dominating deruige in 1st. 2nd went to kalam, 3rd McMalan, 4th nookal, 5th Nameless, 6th Simbalora, 7th Grisu and 8th Rabauke.

So after a really exciting season, even with a rather small starting field due to the holiday season, the final championship standings are: 1st deruige, 2nd kalam, 3rd Simbalora, 4th McMalan, 5th Nameless, 6th batti7, 7th mark van haze, 8th nookal, 9th manuel, 10th Rabauke, 11th Lonesurvivor, 12th Darky, 13th Grisu, 14th AKMakko, 15th Dkayyy, 16th MelE1 and 17th LuckyLuciano.

Thanks to all drivers and hopefully we will see more exciting races in season 3.