FUN Race Event – GT500 Registration

RACE is over – PRIZE winner VP_Marcolah

  • Car: Gr2
  • Balance of Power: on
  • Tires: Soft – Hard
  • Tirewear x2 | Fuelusage x3
  • Startfuel 35l
  • Complete Lobby Settings click *here*
  • Track: FUJI Speedway GT
  • Quali Mode: 15min Quali
  • 1x60min race
  • 14 Drivers registration limit
  • Event starts 21:00 CET (28. dec 2018)
  • Live streaming on MINKIHL Sim Racing

Whats Important to join the Fun Event?

– Lobby Settings

PS: We are going to kick a driver out of the lobby during the race – if:
– He is lagging alot and causes a danger for other drivers!
– He is crashing everyone and not sticking to the usually driver codex!