Head Administrator and Founder – Dominik Allram

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dominik better known as MINKIHL, I am 28 years old and live in Austria, Vienna. I started Simracing in 2004, competitive Simracing since 2005. In the beginning of 2018 I started with my own Series in GT Sport. I am responsible for everything connected to this GT Sport Series. If you need anything, simply ask me, everytime!
So, lets race now!

Head Administrator – Mike Adler

Former progamer (mTw, mousesports and more) and games industry veteran, Mike Adler, joined the EGT4M in summer 2018. As Head Administrator he is responsible for our website and server infrastructure and supports Dominik with any other operations at the EGT4M.

Administrator – Will Friedmann

Will Friedmann, also known as Turismo-Litchi, is not only a Gran Turismo veteran, he is also a magician with Googlesheets. With his uber skills on spreadsheets he is a valuable member of our administrator team as he provides the sheets for standings, balance of power and so on.

Photo Reporter – Michael Janik

Micha, also known as The-Nameless-01, is our premium photo reporter. He trawls through the race replays and takes pictures from the very action packed scenes. This makes him also a valuable member of our  team as we wouldn’t have that great pictures for our posters, banners, news and website itself.